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After the Crash has been out four weeks now and the responses to it have been as intense, overwhelmingly generous and heartfelt as they have been humbling.  Dozens and dozens of people from all over the world have sent us messages (some of them visible here in comments to previous posts) congratulating us for the road we’ve traveled and wishing us well.  Others have thanked me for being so open and honest about our experiences, and for giving them the opportunity to see the world, and their own children, in a slightly different light.

Thank you all for taking the time to find us, to reach out to us, to share your own stories and to encourage us to go that much further.  I consider Lio and I very lucky to have all these thoughts sent our way and I’m very glad the book seems to have stirred up so much good feeling.  That was why I wanted to write it.

All our best,

Martin & Lio

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  1. Martina says:

    Dear Martin and Lio,

    I just read your book and I am very inspired by, Martin your positive belief in Lio’s recovery and Lio your strength to keep on going. Remarkable!

    I wish you a very happy and healthy future. Your both an inspiration to all.

    Best wishes,


  2. Sharon says:

    Dear Martin and Lio

    I am just reading your book and you are such an amazing and inspiring duo. The love spills out from the pages for both Sasha and for each other. You are right that most of us do not appreciate the small miracles that our children create every day and at every milestone, when my daughter was born I was told she may be totally bedridden for the whole of a short life and now she is a beautiful 14 year old girl that no one would even guess has a slight disability. Each of those milestones were a miracle, holding her head up, sitting up unaided, feeding herself, talking, each and every one of them a blessing.

    My heartfelt appreciation goes out to you for your strength in telling your story and good luck and good health and happiness for the future to you both.

  3. Katie M. says:

    Lio and Martin,

    With the start of the Olympics in London, I thought of you two. I went to Lio’s website and was AMAZED to see recent pictures of Lio and your published book!!! What a gorgeous boy! Every time I read, “I’m going on a bear hunt” I think of Lio! I am ordering your book tonight and cannot wait to read it although I know it will be very hard and emotional to read at times. I am so impressed by you two and knew that you would help others through your tragedy and challenges. You two are so inspiring.
    Are you coming back to NJ this summer?
    Katie, your old PT =)

  4. Lis Mein says:

    Martin & Lio,

    Have just finished reading your book ‘After the Crash’. I fee so proud of you both for the endurance you have shown. Martin for never giving up looking for the best solutions to Lio’s problems and Lio for being so willing to continue with therapy even when it hurt or got boring. I’m also sure it’s helped you both to talk about Sasha, never forgetting the love you shared with her.

    Most books I read are about real people with real stories to tell, and this is the most inspiring one I have read to date.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us and please keep us updated with Lio’s ongoing recovery. I have bookmarked this page so I can find it quickly and easily.

    Praying for your ongoing recovery, I also pray for the lorry driver who caused the crash.


  5. Ray says:

    Love you both xxxx

  6. Helen Abbotts says:

    Hi Martin
    I was searching for Sasha, having lost touch with her for a number of years this week and learned of the tragic news. I am so sorry. Since I discovered Sasha’s loss I have thought much about her. The last time I saw her, and you, was at your wedding. Sasha was always so vibrant but I never saw her more so than that day. Sasha wrote to me when Lio was a few years old. I loved her letters, with different parts written in different directions, making it a more exciting journey through. We hadn’t seen each other for years and she suggested we really needed to catch up face to face. I emailed her at Kent a couple of times and still have the letter tucked away somewhere. Sadly she did not reply. I assumed at the time she was on one of her periods living in the US. Now I know otherwise.

    Sasha and I were room mates when she was an undergraduate. I introduced her to the world of re-enactment and we remained friends after I moved to work in the US for a couple of years. I have spent a number of hours reminiscing about playing cricket in a crumbling village hall in Yorkshire; hide and seek in Gainsborough Old Hall museum after hours as we were sleeping there over night; drinking beer; her singing folks songs and playing the penny whistle; tea; her sketches and etching; getting costumes together and having a victorian dinner party; her driving me back from Maidstone Museum in my 2CV with me puking for England whilst she coped with the weird gear system; me driving her back from Yorkshire in the back of the same 2CV which had had the back seat taken out so she was tucked in the back on a princess and the pea type arrangement of duvets and blankets.

    I have turned my house upside down tonight for a photo I knew I had of her with my kitten Oscar. Oscar was a rescue kitten I got when I shared with Sasha. On the first day we lost him and turned the entire place upside down looking for him. The little fur ball had crawled into a drawer from the back and curled up in a draw of sweaters. We were so relieved. If you would like a copy send me your email address.

    I downloaded your book on my kindle yesterday. I have read almost up to the crash. I haven’t been able to read beyond yet. I know some of what is to come but I have enjoyed reading about the Sasha I knew. The Sasha I could not see for years yet would connect with as soon as we saw each other. The Sasha I knew, until Monday that is, who would be out there to connect with soon. I am feeling very sad and am feeling her loss and am kicking myself we did not catch up more. I can only imagine how you are feeling and have felt. I will read the remainder of your book in the next few days and so I am guessing I will understand more of how you felt and how you have coped.

    Anyway, it is pathetically overdue but I am really sorry. I’m a single parent and so know how hard but totally rewarding that relationship with your child is and how it gives you strength. I wish you and Lio a bright future. Sounds like he has many of Sasha’s gifts.


  7. Ben says:


    Listening to you on Radio 4 this morning was one of the most moving pieces of radio I have ever heard. When I got home, just after I had told my wife about hearing your story of Lio’s remarkable recovery, my wife discovered that she had lost the diamond in her engagement ring … it made us both realise with incredible clarity that there was very little to worry about as it was just a diamond…

    Your story was humbling and inspiring – thank you,


  8. Penelope Poore says:


    I have just finished your wonderful book, given to me by my daughter. My grandson is at Kingston school.

    I wondered whether you heard James Cracknell on Radio 4 today (Woman’s Hour). He sounds as though he needs your inspiration.


  9. Ruan says:

    I read your marvellous book in three sittings, Martin, I just could not put it down. So inspired was I, that I was compelled to purchase other copy to give as a gift. The recipient is reading it as I write this and I get messages from him to say how appreciative he is.
    We all have our troubles (although few are as intense as those described) and there are words of comfort within your story that can be transmuted into something hugely supportive for so many.
    May things continue to go well for you both.
    Take care of each other.

  10. Brenda Green says:

    I have just finished reading your book in Auckland New Zealand. I have to admit your book moved me to tears many times. I am inspired by what you have been through with your son and have had some similar experiences with my 15 year old son with developmental delays who the doctors wanted to medicate at 3 years old. I did not go down this path and have had faith that as Lio has my son will land and his feet in his own way. Thankyou for sharing your story with the world it is truely beautiful.

  11. Nikki Klingenberg says:

    I read English at Roehampton and remember going to the the Globe Theatre with Sasha. She made me love Shakespeare more and I was very sad to hear of her death. I still see her smiling face and how she inspired me to learn more. I wish you and Lio lots of love for your futures.

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