A Milestone


I’ve often thought that life doesn’t give us enough chances for a fresh start, chances to reinvent ourselves, to figure out what really matters to us and to act on it.  September 7th, 2006 —that unspeakably sad and brutal day— turned out also, with the bitterest of ironies, to be one of those chances.  And I like to think that, painful as it was, Lio and I grabbed hold of that chance, wrestled with it, tamed it and made it into something good, something worthy of his mother Sasha.

Next week, I think, is another opportunity for a fresh start.  A chance to draw a line under something, but also the beginning of something new.   My book, After the Crash, which charts Lio’s incredible recovery and how we rebuilt our lives, will be published with much ceremony and publicity by Mainstream/Random House in the UK (my Facebook and Twitter accounts are quivering in anticipation).  It will likely have its US release sometime next year, but you can have it delivered wherever you are from next week.

Lio and I still have a ways to go.  For better or for worse there will be more surgery and more therapy in his future.  But the most difficult patch is certainly behind him and I’m confident there is nothing he can’t tackle.  While Lio and his strength and determination have certainly been the most important part of his astonishing story, of his breathtaking journey, it didn’t happen without the help of our friends.  For that we will always be grateful.

Love & Love,

Martin (& Lio)


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  1. NadiaBahrani says:

    And thus, each ending carries within it the seed of a new beginning which protects us and helps us live.
    May the butterflies continue to come to you both.
    I am looking forward to the book!

  2. Janet Lee says:

    Martin & Lio, I wish you the best on your book launch. Will get your book also when it comes to USA as well. Wish you both the best in your next new adventure. Lio, that is a great picture of you on the snow. You are looking very well. :o) Am looking forward to your book when it arrives to my door!

  3. Linda-Jane Spencer says:

    Dear Lio and Martin,
    I have developed a ‘Handbook in my head’ for also surviving bereavement, trauma and loss…I look forward to having a hard copy to help me along, too! Book ordered! All the very best, you Brave Men, Linda-Jane Spencer.

  4. sue s says:

    I saw you on bbc breakfast this morning, tragic story however, you’ve both come out the other side and Martin i’m really loving how you have learnt what is really valuable in life, after my stroke you do put things in perspective and realise what is most important in life, not the best car, not work, the best clothes, the best ‘everything’ but life itself and those you have around you

  5. Lyndsey Uglow says:

    Have just ordered your book after hearing you both on BBC breakfast and Jeremy Vine. We had a medical disaster in our household a few years ago and know how tough things can be. My husband is childrens orthopaedic surgeon and we know how brave and courageous Lio will have had to be to recover so well…our thoughts are with you as you continue your journey.

  6. Alex says:

    Heyy Martin

    I’m not sure why but I felt the urge to post this.

    I walked through a room today at work with the radio playing in the background.

    Whilst quickly using the room to walk through, I only managed to pick up a dozen sentences spoken by yourself which I had no real idea what exactly it was about but for some strange reason I found some kind of connection to this story and I immediately got attracted to what sounded like an inspirational listen. Before I knew it I was ushered out the room.

    I got back to my area and immediately started to stream the station on my phone drastically trying to get more listneing time in but by the time I got on it was at the very end of interview with Lio speaking but fortunately just catched the name of a book that was coming out based on your story.

    Catching your book name allowed me to search online to put my mind at rest.

    When searching online I came across a detailed news paper report, pics and even your youtube channel. This gave me the missing parts of the puzzle.

    I am truely affected by your experience and it just puts things in perspective as mentioned above.

    Lio is a true fighter and with the strength of you and the family Lio has managed to share his love and live with you all today.

    You and your story has been completely inspirational for me and it has given me a different look in on life. Thank you.

    Thanks for sharing.

    P.S Lio’s Piano piece (Ludovico Einaudi Limbo) was beautful but at the same time exptremely emotional too. A new favour song. Stunning!!!

  7. Nickie says:

    Dear Lio and Martin,

    After briefly catching your interview on This Morning I think it was this week, I wanted to tell you about the first time I met you!

    I was part of the ambulance crew that moved you Lio from the Helicopter which brought you from Kent to Kings College Hospital in London, I believe it was on the day of the accident.

    You have always stuck in my mind, and I have often wondered what happened to you!

    I can clearly remember handing you over to the hospital staff and meeting your grandparents at the ward, they were obviously very worried.

    I am just so pleased that you have made such a good recovery,and it pleases me that in some small way we were able to contribute to that! It makes me remember why I do my job.

    Good luck in the future and I hope that life brings you lots of joy and continued good recovery!

    All the best

  8. Ruth says:

    Dear Lio and Martin,

    I heard your broadcast on the Jeremy Vine show and wanted to say how delighted I am to hear that you have made such an amazing recovery.

    I was the first person at the scene of that terrible crash and will never forget that day. Travelling to Canterbury to meet a friend for lunch I was aware of something happening a little way ahead. When I saw the car I pulled onto the hard shoulder and shouted to the lorry driver to ring for an ambulence before running to the car to try and help.

    I have often thought of you and your mum Lio and wondered what happened to you. I am sure she would be really proud of you both.

    Wishing you all the best for the future,


  9. caroline says:

    i have just read your book after the crash it was somewhat hard for me as my daughter was in an accident with a lorry ,and was in intensive care for ten days, same kind of injuries as lio, but she lost her fight and died, i was glad that i was given the worse prognosis, if i had been told that she would be alright, and then she had died i would of been very upset, but because i was told the worse, although we all fought for her, it wasnt as a bad shock when it did happen, life isnt the same but i have learned to live with my loss it is the wrong way round to loose your child first, she left a six year old boy, i gave him one of her jumpers to cuddle every night so he felt near to her, he still has it but is just around his bedroom, i wish you and lio a wonderful future, i will always light a candle for you both along with my precious daughter god bless you both caroline xx

  10. Nathalie says:

    My partner heard your interview on the radio a few weeks back and was extremely moved by your events. I have been reading your book and can honestly say what an inspiration you are and I truly believe your dedication to a positive future for Lio pulled you both through. Its almost as if you know the secret :) God bless you both x We send you our love and light xxx

  11. polly says:

    iv just read your book..how wonderful it was upsetting but excellent.. how wonderful life feels after readingyour book..life is worth living and the book makes your have completley different outlook on life.. what a lovely story good luck to martin and leo

  12. Steve Waldron says:

    I too heard you both on Radio 2, I was hooked to the whole interview and thereafter bought your book.
    I don’t think I will come across a father and son bond as strong as yours, such an honest and moving account of the what happened after the tragic event had me in tears at times.
    Amazing to read how you Martin stuck to your instincts, after all who knows a child better than its parents. You could just feel the strength of your love for Lio jumping out of the pages.

    I am very happy to read that Lio is progressing well, you are both been incredibly brave and you are both equally inspirational.

    Best wishes to you both as you continue on your special journey.

  13. Kate Cross says:

    Hello there, Martin I have just taken your book “After The Crash”on holiday with me, and always after I read and Finnish a book I always pass it on for someone to read but there’s something about your book that has made me want to hold on to it.
    I couldn’t put your book down when I was on holiday in Tunisia , it was compelling, because I was truly amazed at your strength that you found in a dreadful situation that a lot of people would never of been able to musta.
    You and Lio are truly and inspiration and taught me that no matter how bad it gets theirs always hope.

    Ever since I have read your book I often think of you both and what your both doing and how you both are etc
    I have never read a book that has touched me like yours has and it will stay on my bookshelf and it won’t get passed on as all the others have because yours really is “special”
    I wish you both a happy and prosperous future.
    Thankyou for writing such a heartfelt and inspiring book
    All my best wishes to you both.

    Kind Regards Kate Cross (From Essex)

  14. Jo Third says:

    I too have read your book and was deeply touched by the loss of Sasha and then by the amazing recovery of Lio. Martin, not only have you been the most amazing carer but your ability to remain positive in the most ardous and heartbreaking circumstances is extraordinary. Leo could not have a better parent and Sasha would most definitely be so very proud of you both.
    Thank you for sharing your story and I will continue to follow your amazing journey. With love and best wishes to you both. Jo Third

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