After the Crash

Dear everyone,

Lio continues to amaze thanks in no small part to the kindness and support you’ve sent our way over the past four years.  I will always be grateful to you.

I like to think the story of Lio’s inspiring recovery has also brought you some measure of good feeling.  Lio and I are extremely pleased to announce that this story, and the story of how we rebuilt our lives, will soon be published as book called After the Crash.  It is set to come out in May 2012 as the lead title by Mainstream Publishing (a part of Random House).

Please look out for it.

Love & love,

Martin & Lio

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  1. monica says:

    Dear Martin,

    This is a really good piece of news! Congratulations for this new goal you have reached. I think all “Lio’s fans” will not miss this appointment in spring 2012.

    Once again thanks for having tought us how life can be extraordinary wonderful. Your narration of Lio’s recovery has brought us not only good feeling, but also an inspiring positive attitude to life.

    Hugs and kisses,


  2. Federica says:

    Dear Lio,

    you are such an amazing kid with a wonderful father!
    You are both back to life now, I’m sure now Sasha is smiling and finally resting in peace.
    Vi aspetto sempre in Italia, ci vediamo presto e vi abbraccio forte forte!


  3. Richard says:

    That’s great news guys – congratulations. Hope you’re both keeping well and thriving.

    Lots of love


  4. Sam Pusey says:

    Lovely news on the book, I’ll be pre-ordering my copy!

    I was lucky enough to be taught by Sasha some 5 years ago now (!) and still think of her often, as well as the two of you. I now have a little boy of my own and can only imagine how proud she would be of you Leo, and Martin how proud you must be of your boy.

    Much love!!

  5. Jonathan Fernandez says:

    Bless you and your son. I’m stunned at having so late learned the news of the death of your beloved Sasha.

    Your long ago friend,


  6. Nadia Bahrani says:

    I am looking forward to the book…. and I can imagine it was good for you to write it….as it will be good for us to read it. I still miss her… often.

  7. Nadia Bahrani says:

    Have pre-ordered it from Amazon….it’s already there! Wow!

  8. heather coleman says:

    What lovely news to hear, I really look forward to purchasing your book. Like Sam, I was so lucky to be taught by Sasha over 5 years ago now and really do still think of her often…

    Your story is so touching and inspirational. Sasha would be so proud.

    Love and best wishes to you this Christmas.

    Heather x

  9. Michel Foster says:

    What an amazing story. You both must be really happy. I can’t wait to read the book.

    Best wishes for a lovely Christmas,

    x Michel

  10. Carol Fernandez says:

    Dearest Martin and Lio,

    I’m a Brazilian English Teacher and I also write comments on books soon to be published here in Brazil. I like to consider myself a privileged reader.

    ‘After the Crash’ is my most recent reading, and I must thank you both so much for the inspiring lessons of bravery and faith.

    Being daughter to a man handicapped at birth, I’ve seen first hand the struggle my father faced all his life, and I can only imagine how you too must have felt throughtout the process of recovering..

    Please, keep us updated.. You are an amazing family and I am thrilled to have been chosen as your Brazilian proof-reader…

    Merry Christmas!!

    Love, Carol!

  11. Janet Lee says:

    Hi Martin & Lio,

    Hope all is well w/ both of you! Sure been awhile since you have updated and seen that you have a book coming out. How exciting is that! I have pre-ordered thru Amazon UK as it is not available on Amazon US. I hear that at the moment it is very cold there and snowing. Hope you are all keeping warm and enjoying the snow! Michigan has had no Winter at all. So far we have had no snow but rain and the temps have been more like Spring instead of Winter. I am not complaining because I am enjoying this kind of weather thus far :o) Anyway, will be looking forward to that book when it comes out. It will be perfect timing as I will be home on a Medical Leave as I got to have surgery on my left Hip and recovering time will be for a while. It is going to be Arthoscopic surgery to fix the problem that I have. So I totally understand how brave Lio was when he had his surgeries. This will be my #14 surgery over the years. Anyway, you all have a wonderful and bright 2012! Hope your book is a big success in UK! Take Care, Janet :o)

  12. Matt says:

    Hey Martin,

    Wow! That is huge news. Congrats. I will be one of the first readers too!

    Lio, what an amazing journey. Keep up the good fight!!


  13. samantha says:

    i just saw your interview on This Morning. You and your son are a truley inspiring. Thank you for sharing your story with us.
    May you and lio have a beautiful blessed future.
    Looking forward to getting the book

  14. David Neeves says:

    Hello Martin and Lio

    I am helping with a campaign to make the hard shoulder on Britain’s motorways a safer place. After reading your horrific story and hearing your interview on the radio today, I was hoping we could work together.

    The campaign is titled ‘slow down and move over’. There is a website and I can post the link if you’re agreeable.

    Basically, what we want is in the event of an incident on the hard shoulder, traffic is forced to move to the centre lane and slow down. The nearside lane would be closed enabling everyone involved in the incident to remain safe until help arrives. This was the brainchild of a RAC patrol in Falkirk who has had to stand down due to family commitments and he has asked me to take over for him. I have had drafted a letter to the Chairman of the Transport Select Committee which the vice chairman of my local Labour Party is going through at the moment. Once we have agreed a final letter we wills end it and ask for a debate in the House to make this law. I also want it included in the Highway Code.

    I understand if you decline but, I feel we could saving many lives by getting this through Parliament.

    I wish you and Lio all the best and I admire your courage.

    All the best

    Dave Neeves

  15. patricia manfredi says:

    So proud of you both and youy grandmother/mother. Wecontinue you in our prayers. God speed.

  16. Mark says:

    Dear Martin & Lio

    You may/may not remember me, although I have written on this site previously (I get the updates to my e-mail inbox). I was a former student of Sasha’s way back in 96-97, when she was at Roehampton University teaching the Undergraduate Renassiance Literature Course.

    Last August myself and a friend (also a former student) travelled down to Lewes and we found the lovely memorial in St Pancras Church. We left a red rose behind.

    I saw the interview on the BBC ‘This Morning’ show and I’d like to commend you on the bravery and courage you have both demonstrated, and it is to be admired by all. I have just read the book over the weekend – a moving story.

    All the best for the future; I’ll be staying in touch via the updates!


    Mark Wilson.

  17. Kathleen Mason says:

    Dear Martin

    I heard your interview on Radio 5 Live last night and was so moved at your account. I want to wish you and Lio all the best, and will certainly read your book when it becomes available to me. A very brave and inspiring story.

  18. Hazel Dracup says:

    Just read you amazing book on my kindle which I ordered just before its publication after seeing you on BBC Breakfast. An absolutely astounded by what I read. I believe that with God anything is possible and am not surprised that he has survived what he went through. All the very best for the future for both you and Lio.

  19. mike says:

    I first heard about your story when you were doing an interview with bbc radio 5 live and it was a bit late at night. am half way through after the crash.
    God bless you for dedicating your life 100% to Lio. Wonderful father and amazing son and am sure Sasha is proud of both of you.
    Thank you for sharing your experience. Am now a wiser husband and a father of 3 years old son.
    I wish Lio all the best in life. He is a WINNER

  20. Lorraine Addy says:

    I am currently reading the book and am finding it unputdownable. Inspirational true stories are invaluable to remind us all that we can survive and even thrive no matter what happens, and we should not focus on the worse case scenario but on the best possible outcome: we are all fighters at heart. I would like to wish Lio and Martin the very best of luck.

  21. Clare Evans says:

    Dear Martin & Lio

    Just finished reading your amazing book, very much a page turner and what a long and difficult journey you have both been on. This thought provoking book puts life into perspective of how very fragile our lives can be. I wish you and Lio all the very best in the future.

    Kind Regards


  22. Carol James says:

    I have just finished reading your book, “After the Crash”. It shows amazing courage and hope to you and all in similar situations. I shed tears reading it. What a close bond you and your son will always have. Your wife would be so proud of your achievements and your future ambitions you can give Lio. It also proves what wonders medicine and the medical profession can do for people these days.

    Best wishes to you both for the future,

    Carol James

  23. Sarah says:

    I am only half way through your story, but I felt compelled to find you on the internet, the happy and recent photo of Lio sledging made it worth the visit!
    I have a little Lio of my own, only his name is Domenico. Hit by a falling tree in the storms of 2007, he was just a month away frm his 4th birthday. A shatterd skull, tramatic brain injury and 2 broken femurs, one through the growth plate, our stories are uncannily similar! From links with Italy, thoughts and feelings in those early days (some of which reflecting now seem irrational even superstitious!!) even the chocolate mouse snuck in whilst noone was looking!!!
    Recently hitting another low point, despite Domenico’s also remarkable recovery, the constant battles for everything (I am sure I will read about later in your book) and big decisions for his legs, are taking their toll. Your book couldn’t have come at a better time, inspiring me to look to my son as a role model, and push on with therapies and new ideas.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story, I can’t put into words how comforting it has been to read.

    I wish Lio a wonderous childhood and a rewarding future.
    Good luck and well-done to you both!

  24. karen says:

    Hello Martin, and a very special hello to u Lio. (I have a 4 yr old grandson called Leo). I am reading “After the Crash” at the moment cos my mum told me to!- always do as yr folks say even though Im nearly 50!!!! . I am so impressed by Lio and yorself so far that now Im feeling inspired to read more! I had a life changing head injury back in 1984, though I wont go into that-just say I am at the point where I cant go further. That is not to say thats all bad news, I have had a daughter, a grandson and lots of happy experiences though I am now on my 3rd husband-who id like to think is as fabulous as u Martin. I dont want to put any derogatory comments about head injuries, but for me personally the fatigue is a major issue and also even though I know (I think) that im doing it, the inappropriate comments! -I get told off like I was a kid!!! When I had my head injury back in 1984 my whole family were sooo supportive-I dont recall anything about that time. just like I cant remember what I had for breakfast-but im convinced from what im told by my parents etc that I am only here due to their love and dedication. I wish you and Lio so muvh love and happiness and hope u realise how long it took me to write this!!!!! lol All the very best to u bothxxxx

  25. Ann Farmer says:

    I’m currently reading this book and am finding it very emotional. I can’t stop reading and I keep thinking of my own 5 year old son. Much love to your whole family.


  26. Finn says:

    hi, it’s Finn, Lio may know me if you ask him, you have a web site!!!!!! creepy, i mean your on the BBC!!!! but i admit it’s creepy you’re on the BBC. see you at school. (i do registers with a guy on bbc and i do gates and, and equipment, creepy!!!!!) + hows Jani on your web site and Felix but not me? I went at the same time in the same place with the same place and i’m not on your web site!!! grudges? ner, they’re baby ish. see you (celebrity)

  27. vi donnelly says:

    Hello Martin & Lio. Just read your book and was truly inspired. It is really true that love can conquer all sorts of problems. What a lucky boy to have such a wonderful dad and such a lucky dad to have such a brave and courageous son. I wish you both all the very best for the future.

    Love to you both. xxx

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